Friday, March 26, 2010

1969 500hp Dodge Coronet R/T clone

I have for sale the following, or may consider partial trades for 1967-68 original V8 289/302 Ford mustang Coupes/Fastbacks, 87-93 original 5.0L/5spd coupes(only), 99-04 GT/5spds, or 05 v6/5spd, may also consider possible/partial trades for 94 up dodge disel trucks.
With a little work this car could be turned and sold for 10k plus, I have seen them go that high myself. I am not a mopar nut as much as I am a mustang nut, other wise I would turn this car myself. Besides, I am already building/modding a mustang so all my money is going to it, and I hate to see this thing just sitting in my drive going to waste. $6500

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